Held up that flag, will ya?


“Hi! that is my flag! I made that and ironed the letters on for the Wembley show in 2013. It was amazing when Bruce took it from us, our legs went to jelly, and then when he held it up! it was amazing!! And even more amazing when someone later posted the pic on the Internet!!! I didn’t want to take pics myself because he was so close to us and I wanted to feel and remember the moment without a camera or phone between us. Fantastic day! Brooooce!!!”

–That is so cool! Is also cool that you understand the importance of not having always a camera to “see” him and the show.

–That’s right! I can’t mess around with a phone at a Bruce concert! I let everyone else do that! I love him sooo much. I chose Bobby Jean for no particular reason other than I love that song!  But lately I have a new favourite… NYC Serenade in Rome 2013 omg!!! That song is incredible! Gives me goosebumps!!!