Santa tickets! #BruceSpringsteen #TheRiverTour2016


Christmas Story! Yesterday I tried so hard to get tickets but I had no luck at all… so so sad. And today at work during my lunch break I decided to take a picture with Santa and right then I received a message from my Bruce buds saying they have saved a ticket for me! Christmas miracle! oh oh oh!

Teach your children well #MilanoSanSiro


That’s me and Niki at her first show, 2013. She was fantastic, like she was born to do these things: she slept two hours in the afternoon in her stroller, then jumped out and ran in the field. A friend gave us wristbands for the pit but inside we were too close, too much noise and people. So we ended out back in the floor, dancing and looking at the big screens, if she was tired she just climbed up for a while in her daddy’s arms. That show for me had two key moments, one was the tribute to Clarence (I  had not seen any show of the previous tour so I was completely unprepared to the emotion of having his big smile on screen and started crying like a baby). The second was at very end of the show, when after all the band was gone Bruce remained alone on stage with his armonica and acoustic guitar and started Thunder Road. That for me was unbelievable, I re-started crying and finished when we were already back  in the car and moving. Soulful moment.

As for her, I had a few negative opinions on bringing a little girl to a big rock concert. But you really don’t have to worry, if they are having fun you have fun with them: I had a bag with a Peppa Pig book (discarded after 10 minutes), her favorite doll (who was put out to pasture half of the field in the afternoon), and a coloring book (but she actually used the crayons to color the tarpaulin which covered the field). We stayed together, and sang, and danced, and share great memories: what’s not to have fun?