Keep calm and Glory Days in Rimini!


From the 23rd of September to the 28th you’ll find me at the Glory Days in Rimini, Italy, one of the biggest gathering of Bruce fans in Europe, a rock’n’roll event that reunites Bruce buds, friends and rock’n’roll aficionados, and many many musicians, going on each year since 1998. 17 years and counting, people, this year celebrating the 35th anniversary of the The river release. It will be 6 days of old and new friends, all kind of rock’n’roll artists for an incredible amount of different sets every night, laughters, beer, friendship, burgers, pizzas, vodka lemon, piadinas!, soccer on the beach, sun, sea, lemonade and Bruce fans. Since it’s been a while from the last time we saw each other in front of a “certain” stage, it will be wonderful to be together again for a while with all the friends and family who travel alongside us in this wonderful journey of Bruce togetherness.

I’ll be there also to take pictures and collect fan stories to share with you on this page, so if you find me asking for a portrait please do not be offended, I’m not selling you a magazine subscription 😀 I don’t want your credit card details, I want your Bruce stories!

so, let’s pack our bags, guitars, Bruce shirts and smiles, and be ready to live the Bruce fan life for the last days of summer, singing his songs and those of many other rockers, eating and drinking and generally feeling faboulosly alive and kickin’.


the program:





Come on up, lay your hands in mine

Although “The Rising” was a response to 9/11, it’s seen by the fans as a more universal anthem of resilience and hope in the face of adversity. All the songs of course have a contextual sense in the aftermath of 9/11, but besides the specific details that give them power, their language is universal, and the feelings they inspire are not frozen in time. While the stories told in ‘The Rising’ are heartbreaking and melancholy at times, the album also stirs up feelings of hope and optimism, an invitation to share everything, to accept everything, to move through everything individually, AND together.


Thunder road’s got it.

If it’s the long time choice of preference of millions of fans, if every time you ask What’s your favourite song? the ultimate answer is always Ok I like them all but if I have to really choose, well, in THAT case…
If in every Springsteen show around the world, everybody and I mean EVERYBODY sing it with him word by word, even the refrain (by all means, it does not even exist, a refrain in this song) and those final notes ending on na na na naaaa, there is a reason. Everyone of us has his o her reason, and we all have it in Thunder Road.