Jazz it up a little Max! @EStreetMax @bluenotemilano

Aggiornato di recente2Hi everybody!

yesterday we attended a Max Weinberg show, he is touring with his Max Weinberg Jazz Quintet, featuring Brandon Wright on the saxophone, Dave Kikoski at the piano, Cameron Brown on the double bass and John Bailey (trumpet), very skilled musicians. The repertoire is not in our “usual” rock’n’roll chords per se, but we appreciated the evening and the music, which was compelling and not too “hard ” jazz, mainly classic forties and fifties be-bop. And the band is really competent,  we are no expert in this genre but we do recognize amazing technical level. Plus,  they are fun!

And anyway it’s good, because we love Max, he has been in our lives for so long that he’s up there performing and it’s like Tonight I’m going out see playing my favourite uncle, I’m just gonna sit there and enjoy everything.

At the end he stopped to greet and have some chats with the fans, he was very kind, a real gentleman. He’s Mighty,  and considerate too! 

Mick Jagger & Bruce

Happy belated B-Day to Mick Jagger, turned 72 on the 26th, here singing (among millions guitars and more rock legends per square foot than any stage ever) an amazing duet with Bruce, who, even when dressed like a penguin, still delivers sensational rock’n’roll. And he seems just genuinely happy to be there, smiling big smiles with Patti.
On the drums, the Mighty Max!