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Highway Patrolman is a song that always makes me think. My sister and I are very different, just like Joe and Frankie Roberts (although I have to say between me and her I don’t know who’s the one who is just no good…maybe her, a little bit :-P). We always fight, we share little, mainly because we don’t have the same passions. We have different interests, tastes, even our ideals and ambitions differ.
But Bruce is right, Nothing feels better than blood on blood, because when it’s your brother sometimes you look the other way.

I know that she won’t listen to the song, because Bruce is my passion, not hers, but Highway Patrolman is for you, my sister, Silvia.


Struck me kinda funny, funny yeah indeed

“REASON TO BELIEVE”: Nebraska comes to a close with a song that sums up one of the underlying themes of the album: redemption. And man, we need some redemption here, what with the people dying and killing, and folks being left at the altar and well, you know … just a few of the many happenings that can intrude on a life struggling to be well-lived.

Redemption is what the blues is all about, though there are a lot of characters on this record who never got there. Hell, some never even bothered to seek it out. But hey, that’s life in all of it’s pure sadness and joy. “Shit happens” is both a cliché and a fine bumper sticker.

It’s also a bit of truth that’s unavoidable. In the meantime, check out what happens in the above video when Bruce’s “Reason To Believe” meets ZZ Top’s “La Grange.”
Mark Saleski

Nebraska release Sept. 30 1982 – Bruce Springsteen #BruceSpringsteen


Nebraska release, September 30th, 1982. “In this unique and definitive album both the exceptional musician and the man living an existential crisis accomplished the miracle: to narrate death and communicate life, to recount disasters and fabricate dreams, to tell us that this existence is a cesspool and in the same words give us the means not to drown in it”.

Stefano Isidoro Bianchi, Blow Up magazine