Bruce please, let’s face it: there’s a problem @springsteen #scalpers #BruceSpringsteenTickets #TheriverTour2016


Dear Bruce, you are actually Mr. Springsteen. You have the power to do something about your fans getting taken advantage of. Why are you not doing anything about? I just tried to get tickets to the Barclay Centre. Logged in, wait 20 minutes to be told that there are no more tickets. But that’s not necessarily true, now, is it? The scalpers have sucked them all up. The internet has turn this from a hustler’s profession to a well oiled-machine that rips off fans. Are you okay with this? Is that what you’re about? If so, fine. But say something. Shouldn’t the artist take a stand? The lack of comment from you Bruce suggests that you are out of touch or, worse, don’t give a crap. So what would make you care that your fans are getting ripped off in your name? An artist of your stature can take a stand on such injustices and make a difference. Why wouldn’t you? At least write a song about it, but just don’t ignore it.