How cool? So very cool #BruceSpringsteen #TheRiverTour2016



Here’s Albany 2012, my nephew and I were in the pit and all night Bruce was smiling at us, he gave Jordana a pick and pointed to her several times. At the end when the band was saying goodbye his security man came out on stage and made a gesture to us and said Bruce wants to meet you. I don’t know who was more excited, her or me. Anyway he brought us backstage and Bruce was just standing there sweating and waiting for us. They talked about her favorite songs and concerts and he could not have been nicer. When we were saying goodbye I thanked him for being so nice to her and I said he made her life complete. He said to me: “No thank you. I watched you and your daughter enjoying the show so much and I wanted to share the moment with you”. Now how cool is that?