End of the tour (for a little while) #Bruce Springsteen #Brooklyn #TheRiverTour2016


Back home in a few hours after two awesome shows in Brooklyn. I think yesterday’s concert was one of the best I’ve ever seen, Bruce and the Band are at top form after months of shows, and there was that feeling of being relaxed and party party party because this leg of the tour is at an end, and tomorrow they’ll rest for a while. I onestly think Bruce is happy of the work done, artistically speaking, but also relieved in a way because he is free of not having to perform every night the same show, a thing he has previously never done in his career.
I am happy and honored to have been there down the River with him and the Band, but I’m also looking forward to all the things the new set of the tour will bring.


Bruce Springsteen in Rome & The Counting Crows #BruceSpringsteen

My favourite news in the midst of all Bruce concerts annoucements is that in Rome, July 16th, the show will be opened from the Counting Crows. Because one of my wildest dreams is to see the Counting Crows featuring Bruce on stage in this “Rain King” with the Thunder Road interlude, and/or (let’s dream big) to see Adam Duritz coming out with the E Street who has begun his favourite, Fourth of July  Asbury Park (Sandy), then close all together on Thunder Road and everybody can happily go home.

Well, I did think it, and now you know it. It might just work!

Roy Orbison’s singin’ for the lonely… and the dreamers.

Ermanno Labianca



Springsteen wishlist #brucespringsteen


The River album, next to Born to Run, is my favorite Bruce album. From Sherry Darlin’ to Hungry Heart back to I wanna marry you and through The river and The price you pay. I am sooooo stoked to see him again. As I said the first time I bought a Bruce ticket, I want to see him LIVE 20 times! My first time was in 1983, and now my 20th time will be in February, in Sunrise Florida, and that’s another “Life’s goal” met.

Thank you, Bruce, for being the most constant person/thing in my life. We…I believe, are a kindred spirit. I’ve been through hell and back and you have been there by my side every step of the way. You are the one constant, the person I can count on to get me through. If I needed to be sad, you let me be sad. If I needed to be perked up, you gave me hope and a purpose. You are amazing, in a way are me, because you are what I think, what I feel, and now what I know. THANK YOU

I wish you knew me, I think you’d be happy to know that you made a difference! I will be there in BB&T center, Sunrise Florida, February 16th 2016 for my life’s long goal of 20 live shows.

I look forward to seeing you and rocking out to amazing songs and memories. Have a great show my friend, and I’ll be right there with you!!!

Christmas giveaway #BruceSpringsteen #TheRiverTour2016


Ok people, we happen to know that Santa in all his wisdom and joy is a biiig Bruce fan, and he’s hitting Washington DC right now. He is asking as an act of kindness for you to help bringing joy in a form of a Springsteen ticket to someone in need. If you live in Washington DC, it’s time for you to mail in your Christmas letter! please send it to this page, and tell us who you’d like to nominate to have a ticket, and why do you think they deserve a chance to see Bruce. Please consider to propose fans who have not seen Bruce in a while, or have not seen any show at all.

You can also PM me via Facebook, or write an email to: submit@springsteenandus.com

thank you!