#RiverFVTix 2 spare Tx for St.Paul #TheRiverTour2016 #BruceSpringsteen

Good news and another Christmas announcement: a fellow fan wrote me offering face value TWO TICKETS for St. Paul (Feb 29 St Paul, MN Xcel Energy Center). It’s a Reserved, 2nd tier, 7th row midway down side of arena. If you are interested, or if you know someone that really wants to go there, please write in the comments, and share this post.
(since we’re among friends, I am looking for Hartford and Philadeplhia, just saying!)


Santa tickets! #BruceSpringsteen #TheRiverTour2016


Christmas Story! Yesterday I tried so hard to get tickets but I had no luck at all… so so sad. And today at work during my lunch break I decided to take a picture with Santa and right then I received a message from my Bruce buds saying they have saved a ticket for me! Christmas miracle! oh oh oh!

Just Thank You @BruceSpringsteen #BruceSpringsteen


I’ve known Bruce music for many many years, and, as everyone who loves him, I held on to his words, his voice, and above all his heart in all the dark moments that unavoidably I encountered in my life.

This is thing that has never changed over the years, I don’t think it will ever change.

I screamed “THANK YOU!” at his shows, mixed in the crowd, trying to send out this word to the stage, I always liked to imagine that word arriving somehow at him. I know that this clearly never happened, but I like to think about it, because if a man saves your life, and not just once but many times, you know, he has a right to know it.