Take hold #ThunderRoad #BruceSpringsteen

I think that one of the most important messages of Thunder Road is that it’s a song of self-discovery: if you hear it as a teenager for the first time, while your are having your first troubles at school, or with your parents (or both!), it’s one of those songs that speak to you. Suddenly there’s another human being in the world who gets you, who really GETS you, and it’s a rock’n’roll singer. And he’s telling you that it’s ok to be weird, or not conformed, or not fabulosly hot, you’ll come around it one day. Above all, he tells you that you are not alone in all this. That’s where a lot of us started, with that song and those words. And that’s why you carry this song with you forever.

Happy 40th Birthday Born to run

Happy Birthday Born to run #1.
40 years, wow, you may think: that’s old. But this is one of my thirtheen years old daughter’s post it, hung among others in her locker. So I think that really, even if Born to run turns 40 today it’s not old, not until it has something to say. And it will always have, to young and ‘old’ people like you and me.


Thunder road’s got it.

If it’s the long time choice of preference of millions of fans, if every time you ask What’s your favourite song? the ultimate answer is always Ok I like them all but if I have to really choose, well, in THAT case…
If in every Springsteen show around the world, everybody and I mean EVERYBODY sing it with him word by word, even the refrain (by all means, it does not even exist, a refrain in this song) and those final notes ending on na na na naaaa, there is a reason. Everyone of us has his o her reason, and we all have it in Thunder Road.



One last chance to make it real


-What’s your favourite song?

Thunder Road.


Because… Because it’s THUNDER ROAD, man.

Do I really have to explain WHY it’s Thunder road?

Ok, seriously. It’s the message of  hope that song still has for me, after all these years. The idea that there is always a possibility, anyway and anyhow in your life, no matter what.

As Bruce said in VH1 on that interview: “Thunder road is my invitation to a long and earthly, very earthly journey. Hopefully in the company of someone you love, of people you love, and in search of a home you can feel a part of. Good luck and good evening”.

Now, do you get WHY is Thunder road my favourite song?