All the night, all night


When I got out from beginner-zone listening, then it was the moment of Spirit in the night. At first I thought it a strange song, not so epic nor praising love and redemption, not sad, not bitter… it was different. And at my second show there was Bruce talking about the miles the mighty E Street band had traveled, just to have an answer…and the question was…the question was…CAN YOU FEEL THE SPIRIT? CAN YOU FEEL THE SPIRIT NOW?

And in that moment with the E Street in town to bring both the good and the sad news, for the first time I felt the spirit.

That song for me is magic, with its surreal atmosphere: the lake, the spirits, the night, the gypsy angels. It brings you into a world slightly hippie, half Midsummer night’s dream half summer night somewhere in New Jersey. I find that magic in every concert, and I think that after the show you bring with you a little piece of the Spirit, and if you’re lucky enough it stays with you in your daily life. And sometimes when you sing it (because it’s impossible NOT to sing it!) you think again to the shows, to Bruce’s voice whispering how he danced all night with Crazy Janey, and all the impossible things in life that sometimes come true. That’s the magic of Spirit in the night.