I’d look good playing your guitar


I’d like to tell you the story of Kathy, a dedicated fellow fan 🙂

“It was in Coventry, and while queueing I thought I would create my sign. First I did want to request “Incident on 57th Street”, but I was paranoid getting the street number wrong (of all things!), so I opted for a simple “Play Anything”.


I used the other side of the sign as an opportunity to get on stage for Dancing in the Dark…. I mean who doesn’t want to be part of that?!
However I am a terrible dancer, I really hate dancing, the thought of dancing in front of so many people scared me! So I thought I’d ask to play guitar instead, something which I am better at than dancing (Doesn’t take much!), and so the other side of my sign simply read  “I’d look good playing your guitar” – I had a few remarks from people around me in the queue, “Is that a rare B-Side” as they laughed to themselves.
After about 8 hours of waiting, and then getting into the stadium to some nice torrential rain, as usual! the concert started and out came Bruce, opening with a beautiful acoustic Ghost of Tom Joad.After a couple of songs he starts scanning the crowd for a couple of requests, spots my “Play Anything” and heads straight over the grab it. Holding it up to Stevie, they chose to play Two Hearts, great! I thought, that was pretty cool, I wouldn’t have the chance to use the other side of my sign now, but hey, I got a song played!
After a couple more request, Bruce starts talking to the crowd about how he likes creative signs, picks mine back up and start talking about how the play anything was one of his favourites, before turning it over and reading “I’d look good playing your guitar” turned right too me, looked me in the eye and said “I bet you would, we may find out later”
(at which point I got a bit over excited before removing the cap I’d been wearing all day… I didn’t like the thought of having hat hair if I was going on stage! I know, I know… girls!!!)
After a few hours ( It’s  Springsteen concert after all!) the opening chords of Dancing in the Dark start… This is it I thought and Bruce started getting some people on stage to dance… 1, then 2 and then 3…. I really was beginning to think he may have forgotten me! But then at the end of the dance he legged it to the back of the stage and there was my sign again “I’d look good playing your guitar”
Up on stage I went! I don’t really remember too much about it…. I remember How heavy the guitar was…. I remember picking a power chord and just going for it… I remember looking to my right and thinking, thats Bruce Springsteen.. right there next to me.. Bruce Springsteen…… I remember looking up once at the crowd and thinking thats a lot of people… I’ll just look at Bruce instead.
I made sure I didn’t miss my cue to sing on the mic (I’d made note at the Glasgow concert) and I kept going when everyone else had stopped (sorry Jake!)….. I gave Bruce my business card before I went of stage (I have my own graphic design business) I never used to answer no caller ID on my phone…. But since that day I have, just in case!”

Some dance to remember



The summer I turned fourteen a cute boy living in my street gave a party at his parent’s house, he was older than me, and rumors said there would be under-the-counter beers.

All the girls in my classroom were invited, I was a gangly red-head, and summer equalled a million freckles for me. But I already had well defined music tastes, and a friend of my family gave me weekly guitar lessons.

My two girlfriends picked me at home and we arrived at the party house, there were loud music and laughs, they had already begun. And right there, we halted at the landing and we couldn’t find the courage to enter, we were suddenly shy, you ring the bell, no YOU do it, they’ll look at us, EVERYBODY will!

And while this discussion was going on with whispers and shoves from me or one of my friends, from inside the house come this selection in sequence: I’m goin’ down, I’m in fire, Born in the USA, and while debating we danced together on the landing.

The set, and our private party, ended with Dancing in the dark: we danced that one, then acknowledged that we’d never have the courage to actually enter that room full of older boys and girls, and we headed home.

23 years later when Bruce said to me Ok, come on, and choosed -invited me- for Dancing in the dark onstage, I had a moment remembering that sunny sunday afternoon and my first dance in the dark on a landing, too shy to enter the grown up world but not so meek to avoid dancing one of his songs.



Bruce, can I dance with you AND play the guitar? Yes, you can.


Well it was in Glasgow, my 20-somethingth show (not bad to say I was 20 at the time!). I’ve grown up with Bruce really – I first saw him with my mum, dad and brother when I was only five. I’ve always been very very fortunate at Bruce shows but it was obviously my dream to be on that stage! The day before we made the journey from Sheffield I decided I was making a sign! Mine said “Can I dance with Jake please?”. It was worth a shot, right? As soon as those first bars of DITD played, I threw my sign up in the air. There were some great signs around me (one said “I got married yesterday – please can I dance with you?!”) so I didn’t rate my chances really. My mum told me half way through the song that Bruce had clocked my sign but I didn’t believe her at all! But suddenly, Bruce was stood in front of me, asking me to come on stage! I’ve never run as fast as I did to get up there! I think the excitement of it all took over because I couldn’t stop dancing, no matter how tired I got! It was amazing to look out into the crowd and see people that I’d met nearly 15 years before at Bruce shows. After a few minutes of dancing, Bruce came over to me and told me he was gonna get me a guitar – I thought I’d died and gone to heaven! I was living the dream! I had my camera in my hand and didn’t know where to put it so Bruce took it off me and took a photo of me – with his guitar! I’d jokingly said to my mum all day “when Bruce gets me up, I’m going to take a selfie with him!” So of course I had to once I was up there! I don’t even know how I didn’t faint! I think the adrenaline definitely took over. When the song ended, I ran back to my family and sobbed for the rest of the show! Bruce has always been a hero of mine and I don’t think anything that I do will ever top that! Best day ever!


Just answer the question, please


Sometimes when I’m daydreaming on my couch with my cats and dogs asleep around me, I like to imagine how great it would be to ask Bruce something. And the first thing that comes to my mind is always What do you think of us? What do you really think of all these persons that in so many many years loved your music? Come on.

I imagine him sitting on this bar on a tool, some beer, a shot of Tequila… I’m right there, of course, because I’m the one who had the idea for the interview, for one thing. And I ask Please Bruce, tell us. Tell us what you think when you come onstage, and all these people are in front of you, just for you. As fans, we have let you know in many ways what you mean to us, what your music means, what your presence in our life means and has meant.

So, come on. When you went out on that stage with tens, and then thousands, and then umpteen of persons in wait of your mystical appearence, tell me, what was your first thought? When you saw all those people declaring you everlasting love, all those signs, all those hands reaching up for you… what were you REALLY thinking?

-I’m happy! I’m so utterly completely fucking fantastic happy! Thank you God, thank you!

– I love them! I really love each and everyone of these people!!!

-Ok, come on, tonight I’m gonna kill them all with rock’n’roll! I’m gonna give’m hell RIGHT NOW!

-Holy Shit I forgot to pee

– Ok this evening no Dancing in the Dark, come on, in the first rows there’s just ugly men!

-Ok maybe I’ll pick an ugly man, who am I to judge anyway? it’ll be fun!

– I’m sooo in love with all this, more than everything else in the world!

-Do I deserve all this?

-I miss the Big Man

– I’m happy. I’m happy. I’m happy.

-Oh Professor you’re so unbelieavably good, the notes pouring from your fingers are just a work of grace

– Ok this kid doesn’t know Sunny day and he clearly doesn’t want to sing…I’d really like to kick his parents’s arses! Why did they throw me the kid in the first place?

-Oooh tonight I’m so psyched up! After the show I’m gonna go to Patti and…

-Oh this is fun! this really is fun!

-now just listen to this! how they sing all together! they’re just great like this!!!

-Holy shitballs how fat is Stevie?

-Come on we can do better then this! who fucked up the start? Me? well, d’ho!

-I swear to God if Stevie doesn’t stop spitting me in the face while singing Two hearts I’ll kick him in the ass right in front of everybody!

– Ooooh look at those hands, all waving in the air!

-Ok, so 70 bucks as average price for 50.000 persons…

-I love you all people, I really really do.

So come on Bruce… what do you think?