Linda, I love you



Three moments of your life, three songs.

*Someone* said that Bruce Springsteen is not a rock show, he’s a religion. And after many many years I can assure that’s true. So it’s really cruel to make me choose just three moments, but we are ruthless people here, and so let’s do it.

Dancing in the dark, that was the beginning, the divine revelation, I was 14 years old and on a tiny little Tv screen, in black and white, no remote at that time, I saw…no, not a dude with tight jeans and white shirt. No, I saw Courtney Cox, her eyes, fixed on him, her white t-shirt, the american flag, dancing with him like all the crowd surrounding them was doing. I saw us, his fans. That, was the beginning, for me.

Born to run, ok, I’n not saying it saved my life, but it sure helped me putting together a lot of shit. We all have in life bad moments that can turn VERY bad, and when you’re 17 even a grain of dust can become heavier than a stone… My problem was not so big, considering now, but at that time I really felt overwhelmed. Luckily I forgot on the record player the vinyl, Born to run started and all went fine. Since then, when that firts notes start, I really feel like an injection of postive thinking and energy, a powerful mix always welcome.

Linda let me be the one. I think I’m one of the few Bruce fans to like this song, I’ve never seen any request sign and never heard someone say Geeeez I REALLY want him to play Linda, tonight. But it’s one of my favourite nonetless, romantic, slow,  it has “I love you” written all over it.  So when it came to decide how to name my daughter… well, here it is.