End of the tour (for a little while) #Bruce Springsteen #Brooklyn #TheRiverTour2016


Back home in a few hours after two awesome shows in Brooklyn. I think yesterday’s concert was one of the best I’ve ever seen, Bruce and the Band are at top form after months of shows, and there was that feeling of being relaxed and party party party because this leg of the tour is at an end, and tomorrow they’ll rest for a while. I onestly think Bruce is happy of the work done, artistically speaking, but also relieved in a way because he is free of not having to perform every night the same show, a thing he has previously never done in his career.
I am happy and honored to have been there down the River with him and the Band, but I’m also looking forward to all the things the new set of the tour will bring.


The River Tour Los Angeles 2016 #BruceSpringsteen #LA2016

Four friends and a trash bin. A few thoughts after two LA shows.
I cried true tears on Backstreets.
The Band is awesome but Max needs to change the barber. Or the hair cut. Or both.
The set lists are EXTRA- ordinary, that’s right. There seems to be a lack of will to play the outtakes (of course I’m not talking about, let’s say, Roulette). I reckon that they are probably (reasonably so) not considered up to the ones that made to the official LP.
The River is a magnificent album that moves deeply, each and every night. “My” E Street rock’n’roll sound is all there, in that record.
Last and not least: 67 years, and counting.