Fucking die hard fans

And so one day in 2012 I jumped on a train to Florence, to reach some people I barely knew at the time, to go in front of a stadium at 7 am, waited for hours, get so wet under the rain that not even in the shower, took this picture,  took a wristband and entered the first pit in my life, get even more wet under the rain, and then some, almost ruined a cell phone, heard the crowd asking One more song! and Bruce under the Deluge both amazed and pleased dedicating “One more for the fucking die hard” who didn’t quit, ended completely soaked and totally happy. Most importantly, I had understood that Bruce, the Band and my friends were more than fully worthwhile of all this.

Just friends


I don’t have any particular story that I want to share about by fandom, but there’s one thing I do want to tell: a praise for all the special friends I’ve met thanks to Bruce. A lot of fantastic people, and having some of them in my life is not even remotely comparable to collect pit wristbands (that anyway I’ll loose, sooner or later), or rare vinyls (anyhow,  how many versions of the same Lp do I really have to have?), or pictures. Not that I’ve any picture with Bruce. Even so, I’ll probably be out of focus.