Just let him play, he knows what he’s doing

I actually find annoying this absurd anxiety about what he’ll play on the next tour, or – when he’s touring- the next date. That’s a habit I see around a lot speaking with other fans and it doesn’t make sense. If you say so, it’s not true that other phrase we hear a lot, he can sing to me even the telephone directory but as long as he sings I’m happy!
There was this concert last summer and I was there like praying because I wanted Darkness full album, but Bruce announced Born in the USA instead and for a moment I was there like OH MY GOD… But then I said to myself that’s Bruce, that’s the man who changed my life, who the hell cares what he plays, he’s here!
Let him play whatever he wants, we have to enjoy these moments with him and the E Street as long as we have them. Instead sometimes the show ends, you go on line the next day all happy and warm inside with the aftershow glow, and there’s always these bunch of sad morons complaining for what he played, or did not play. Come on. Seriously, you do have a problem, just admit it.
I’m young, five years back I did not even dare to hope I would have seen him, after Clarence’s passing away. But here I am, I have seen him, and the Band a few times. It’s a dream come true.
One of the dearest memory I have is when he took the harmonica and started The River… I know he wasn’t playing it for me but in a way he was, and anyway that was not important, I was there with my eyes fixed on him and I kept telling myself Thank you Bruce and it was like all the stadium did not even exist, and that’s one memory I’ll always take with me, it’s one of those gifts he makes you that give you strenght to go on everyday, and that’s one thing only Bruce can do, for me, and I’m just grateful.