The telegram


In 1988 I was still in High School, and let’s say I wasn’t stellar in my grades. The Tunnel of Love Tour had started, and my mother agreed to let me see a show only if I failed no more than two subjects that school year (she has a gentle soul). I was at the sailing summer camp when the school gave the exams results, and I still have somewhere the telegram she sent me at the Camp: FAILED ONLY HISTORY & MATHS,  BRUCE SHOW IS SAFE KISSES MOM

Then in that very summer, after the Tunnel of Love shows, he announced the Amnesty Tour in September, and of course the very day of the concert I had my damn History test (karma has a way of biting you in the ass, you know…), so a new series of negotiations with my mother ensued. But at the end I just promised I would have passed that exam, that’s all.

So I went to the exam with my Tunnel of Love t-shirt under the suit, and as soon as the teacher let us go I jumped out of it kinda Superman-style, run to the train station and off to the show.

I had just the normal teenage years turbulence, you know. Just full of Bruce’s rock’n’roll, lucky me.