Kids of my age, they find Bruce “too old”! What can I say, they are fools!


Hi! I’m french, I’m 17 years old and I love Bruce Springsteen since four years now. The first song I listened to was “Hungry Heart”, when I was 8 years old. And I falled in love, just like that! Then, I went to a concert, the 4th of July in 2012. I only knew a few songs, but it didn’t avoid me to have fun! After this concert, I never stop listening to him. I subscribed in a group of Bruce Springsteen fans on Facebook, where I met a lot of other Bruce buds, and some of them became friends.

My favourite song changes often, but the ones I really really love are Thunder Road and The Price You Pay! 🙂

My favourite album is Born to Run, since the beginning. I think that, through all these albums, there’s a story, an amazing one. Look, in Darkness, he talks about The Promised Land and in The River, in the Price you Pay, he sings “Do you remember the story of the Promised Land”. And that’s the thing I love in Born to Run. All the songs are connected, I mean I can’t listen to just one song like that. I have to hear the whole album. I don’t know if you get what I wanted to mean!
In a certain way, he changed my life. Thanks to his music, I see world in a different way, I understand it better. I know that I’m young and I can’t completely relate to the songs, not to all of them: but in a way, I do. Maybe I’ll understand them better when I’ll grow up, but that doesn’t mean I cannot understand the meaning, even now. I mean, didn’t you all grow up with him, like I’m doing?
If you say Bruce, immediately, there are stars in my eyes, I have goosebumps… I’m in love!
As for my friends, mostly they don’t understand this passion. Just this girlfriend of mine, she discovered his music thanks to me, and she really likes it now. She didn’t know him before. In our group, it’s true that the conversation always turns around him, from my part. Maybe it’s boring for them, but not for me! They understand that I love his music, but they don’t understand the fact that I find him extremly handsome, even today. Kids of my age, they find him “too old”! What can I say, they are fools!
Anyway, like a lot of others fans, like you, Bruce is a part of my life, the biggest part. Once I’ve fallen in love with him, there was no possible return to normality. Everything turns around him and his music.
I wanted to share my story with you. Thanks for taking time to read it! Cheers!