The price is high, but that’s ok, thank you, Bruce #BruceSpringsteen


Dear Bruce, you gave me beautiful emotions first with your words and music, and then with your shows. I passed my passion along to my kids, who are now in their teens. Since they had the age to understand I brought them to your concerts, and we rejoiced when the news broke about you coming back this year with the mighty E Street Band.

The tickets prices are really overwhelming, and still, I want to thank you. Because I had to say to my kids: No, I’m sorry, but we really can’t afford the GA section. We’ll go in the upper sections, and even so, we’ll have to make some sacrifices in other things, to go there. If they are mature enough to understand your songs, they are big enough to learn the value of turning down some things in life to achieve other possibilities, and this is indeed a fundamental lesson in their lives. In a way, I’m hoping that learning to make ends meet to still follow some of your dreams will make them understand the priority of true values, in their lives.

So we have the tickets for the upper section of your concert, and we are so happy. We don’t go to the show to touch you, venerate you and try to take pictures of you: we come to your concert to celebrate life and music, to have fun together, both with you and our family, and it will not bother me that you’ll be a little dot far away, well, not so much, anyway. Because, in any case, we are used to be in the upper sections in many moments of our lives, let alone at a rock concert!

I double dare you



So there’s this pleasant game in which you choose 3 words to describe what Bruce means to you, and well, you have a whole bunch of Love-Faith-Happiness or Family-Life-Hope selection, and it’s all very good, and true. Then you remember Bruce at the Madison Square Garden, Reunion Tour, hand in hand with all the E Street, singing Blood Brothers and trying hard not to cry, and well… I fucking dare you to explain in 3 words what Springsteen means to you, in that moment.