Tonight we got style


Last night I was surfing YouTube videos and ran into two songs that played together are really outstanding in my personal preference scale. Meeting across the river running into Jungleland, Madison Square Garden, June 2000. It was a pre-digital video recording, a pre-digital era. Still, fantastic audio, and images that anyway managed to express the beauty and warmth of the songs.

You know, maybe it’s just the memory. Maybe it’s just because a week after that video I would have landed in America for my first, incredible time in New York City, to be at the MSG myself. Even now after all these years, I can clearly remember all the arena shouting together DOWN IN JUN…GLE…LAND at the first refrain. There in that moment I understood how some songs really belong to their hometown, where they were born. And Clarence’s saxophone solo right there to bring everyone and everything away. Danny on the organ accordion, the E Street still complete. THE band.

June 2000, college graduation still fresh in my hands, life opened in front of me with an infinite series of possibilities, old roads to leave, new roads to travel. Pre-digital era, and maybe yes, it’s just the memory.

But I think that thanks to Eddie with his need for a ride and to the Rat gunned down by his own dreams, some bands will always explode into rock’n’roll.



I double dare you



So there’s this pleasant game in which you choose 3 words to describe what Bruce means to you, and well, you have a whole bunch of Love-Faith-Happiness or Family-Life-Hope selection, and it’s all very good, and true. Then you remember Bruce at the Madison Square Garden, Reunion Tour, hand in hand with all the E Street, singing Blood Brothers and trying hard not to cry, and well… I fucking dare you to explain in 3 words what Springsteen means to you, in that moment.





You usually say that you are not a person easily moved or impressed. Is that true?

Well… I was at the Madison Square Garden shows in 2009, the two nights he played full album The River and The Wild, the Innocent and The E Street Shuffle. I won the lottery on the first night, so I was in the front row, just in front of Bruce’s microfone. A real Holy Shit moment.

So, if you mean moved in the sense I was there with big fat tears running down my cheeks, well, my honest answer is no. But if I have to recall those sensations, I really really had some pure ecstatic moments, very difficult to traslate in words. It was like a dream, and there were moments I looked around to realize I really WAS there. Like when you’re sleeping and dreaming, then they wake you up and for a moment or two you don’t understand what the hell is going on and where, or when, you are.

And for the rest, pure joy. And also strange, in some way: I was there, about three feet from Bruce singin’ songs he had written when he was younger than all of us. Weird, in a sense. But beautiful.