Happy Thanksgiving! New York 27-11-1980 intro story to “Growin’ Up”

It was a cold Thanksgiving night, me and Clarence and Steve we were driving down this old back road going to Hank’s Turkey Farm to steal some turkeys, this was way back, we didn’t have no money, couldn’t buy no turkey ! we’re looking trying to find this place…and then just as we figured we’re just about up to it, we get a flat tire, the rear end, right tire…and so Clarence and Steve, they climb in the front seat… ’cause there’s no streetlights, it’s real dark…and we’re hearing all these turkey sounds coming out of the woods… is that turkey sounds? and…we’re trying to decide who’s gonna get out and fix the flat…I’ve been, I’ve been afraid of the dark, I still sleep with the light on, I’m not gonna go out and fix it. And so we decided we’d figure it out the American way, we would gamble to see who’s gonna go out… but we couldn’t do it, had one too many guys, couldn’t choose up…so we’re trying to think, well, we’ll figure this out the democratic way, number one, I’m the Boss, I don’t have to get out now!  number two, Clarence is a lot bigger than Steve, he don’t have to get out, just as we had Steve’s head and upper torso forced through the window  just like in that movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” this big light came flashing down from out of the sky. I stuck my head out the window, I looked up and there was this big cherry-red flying saucer with long Cadillac fins and on the side it had printed “Little Melvin and the Invaders – we play weddings, parties and bar mitzvahs”and this guy sticks his head out the window, he looks down and he says “Hey, can any one of you guys tell me the way to the New Jersey Turnpike?”  now…we’re not as dumb as we look, you know, we’re not gonna give out this kind of valuable information for free! so we sit there, we start thinking, we said “Hey, Mr. Spaceman, we’ll make a deal with you, you gotta give us each one wish, one wish and we’ll tell you how to get back to the Turnpike”

And so he says “Ok, that sounds pretty fair” and first Clarence got his chance to wish, had to think real hard about this: as usual, he wished for his boyhood dream,  a combination, Laundromat and pizza parlor on the corner of downtown Asbury Park. That’s good you know? you can wash your clothes, you can eat at the same time! and nobody’s thought of that yet. In a few years you’re gonna see them all over!

and then, then it was Steve’s turn…you can’t have the spaceman wish for that… I don’t know what the hell his wish was, I forgot! but then it came my turn!

Now…I was thinking real hard…and I remember it was real quiet and I didn’t even, I didn’t even get a chance to say it out loud…I was just thinking it in my mind…and way over in the dark, in the dark side of the highway, I seen what I was wishing for…slowly, slowly start to appear… (lights goes out and there’s a spotlight on his Fender guitar – crowd cheers – and he takes it in his hands)…and let me tell you, man…when we touched…”


Liar, liar, pants on fire…


I think we all Springsteen fans have one thing in common, besides Bruce and the Band, of course. And I think, it’s the hundreds of big fat lies we gave to our family and work managers during the years about travels, concerts, bootlegs, expenses. Liars!!! In 1999 I told my mum I was waiting for a couple of friends to pick me up, cause they had to bring me to a near city for my basketball game, while the truth was I was travelling all night long to go to a show in Spain. I saw the 1st show of the Reunion tour and skipped the second for that basketball game. And we won. In the same year I convinced my girlfriend to be part of the Meadowlands Marathon: I booked an horrible Days Inn on the New Jersey Turnpike instead of the Manhattan room I promised her, and the reason was to have more money to buy more tickets. We had the last 5 shows, and an incredible fight. We entered the show only during Dowonbound Train and we had the opportunity to listen NYC Serenade, that was OUR song, so in a way we managed. In june 2003 a journalist friend of mine decided to make me an interview for a newspaper, he assured me that was the LOCAL edition of the newspaper, because I started to tell him how many stories I invented for my family to cover my Springsteen’s travels. Obviously all my family had THE NATIONAL edition the morning after and my life was a distaster for almost  two months. And my mom after 10 years is still able to bring me up some of that crap, anyway.