Women are from Venus



Men versus women attitude.

Last summer we were just outside the stadium when we heard the first notes of a guitar playing, and the crowd inside the pit roaring and shouting: we understood that Bruce was onstage for a pre-show set, so we rushed inside. My friend and me (my MALE friend) run the field defeating Sebastian Coe’s record in middle-distance, losing in the race keys, coins, lighters, wallets, credit cards. A kind lady from the Security tried to warn us that we were indeed reinterpreting the Little Thumb tale in a curios way, but we shouted, quite unpolitely I’m afraid, SO WHAT WHO CARES HE’S ONSTAGE NOW!!!

Our women followed us chatting and calmly strolling, and losed quite the entire first song trying to understand where our proper seats were, and consider that the whole section of the stadium was completely empty, since all the people was still outside. We, on the other part, rushed in the first row of our section to stand and simply watch him and generally trying not to cry at seeing him so soon and unexpectedly.