VERY good

1-komma 3

I totally agree with the tears and crying and the emotions and joy at the end of the show. Still, I wonder why there’s nobody who ever writes “Holy Fuck what a show, what a smorgasbord of rock’n’roll sybaritism. I experienced a total psycho sexual pleasure, I suffered from acute priapism for almost 3 hours. It’s just a pity for that Seeger Sessions/Sunny Day/Lonesome day (you name your despised piece here) crap, but for the rest what a fucking wonder”.

No, everybody sticks to the mystical-romantic-epic-visionary-religious experience. But for me, it’s as good as sex. And I think his live shows are like sex: even when it’s not so good, it’s still really really good.


Home on the range


For me, the Seeger Sessions were kinda of a Springsteen 2.0

Seeing those shows was the Encyclopedia Britannica and the Library of Congress on the roots music, was Alan Lomax opening his home doors to make you understand, to make you live the essence of american music. They should pass those videos in school, to everyone who wants to play music. You want to set up a band? In that case, you’ll need a license: see that show. That’s the way it’s done. That’s what you should do.