The lost art of the cassette #BruceSpringsteen


My car is being repaired for a few days and the mechanic gave me a courtesy one. It’s a 15 years old Volkswagen, reliable in spite of the many chilometres, with no Mp3 or even cd player, just an old, imperious, legendary cassettes player. I have to admit it gave me a certain kind of emotion coming home and look in my old table cassettes display (very diminished from the ones I had back in the glory days), then choosing one in particular to accompany me for the evening ride. Because tramps like us, we grew up like this: with TDK, BASF, PHILIPS, MAXELL (and later SONY), a pair of folders in the car with the official albums and a varied selections of bootlegs, and the lost art of making a mix tape to impress someone. So here’s to my nostalgic trip in cassette wonderland!